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We partner with the Giving Note Foundation to provide a proper Christmas morning for young children of Veteran families who are facing hard times.

We covered rent payments for 3 months for a Veteran who lost his job, and was facing eviction. He has since gotten back on his feet and is doing well.

We partnered with Whalen’s Heroes, we assisted in the purchase of one service dog, and purchased another.

We host a community Thanksgiving Day dinner for anyone who may need or want a place to go Thanksgiving.

We have assisted a retired Navy nurse with medical bills etc.

We have sponsored 2 young men through Life Camp USA experiences. This organization provides therapy-based camps and outdoor experiences for middle school aged boys who have lost a parent while serving our country.

We have covered the therapy expenses for a Veteran in Tennessee suffering from PTSD from wartime trauma.

We have covered rent and grocery expenses for a Veteran’s family who was on forced bedrest, and a no work order due to complications from a TBI suffered in Afghanistan.

We built a wheelchair ramp at the home of a disabled veteran.

We have donated to Warrior Expedition to host Veterans on their hiking trips for therapy purposes.


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